~The Safety Net Provider
            for Adults in Need~

Welcome to RGSI

Riverside Guardian Services Inc., (RGSI), offers Certified Professional Guardian services in the State of Washington utilizing a team of professionals within the community to make decisions on behalf of the identified Vulnerable Adult.

As required under our contract with the State of Washington, RGSI has checks and balances within our corporation which are part of our Standards of Practice.

RGSI works closely with adult protective services in providing guardianship services to vulnerable adults where there is substantiated abuse allegations.  RGSI supports the Vulnerable Adult through the legal process of protecting them from further harm by the perpetrator.

RGSI is often brought in to help with individuals who have unsafe and unpredictable behavior.  As a certified public guardian, RGSI is brought in to help the person protect themselves from themselves. We are often seen as THE safety plan for a vulnerable adult.

Riverside Guardian Services, Inc., as Certified Public Guardian's in the State of Washington, and provides guardians for people who:

  • Are incapable of caring for themselves and protecting their own interests;
  • Lack the funds to pay private guardians; and
  • Have no family or friends who can serve as volunteer guardians.

Need for public guardians: Due to cognitive disabilities, people who need guardians may not be able to prepare meals, understand bills, make appointments, or handle other important tasks.

Role of public guardians:When an incapacitated person has no other options, a judge can appoint a guardian. Guardians might be required to make health care decisions, enhance safety,obtain housing, monitor bank accounts, pay bills, or handle other vital matters.

Without public guardians: When public guardians are not available, society’s most vulnerable individuals can be exploited and abused. Some cycle between the streets and jails or institutions. Some lose housing or go without medical care. Others even fail to eat or bathe.

Riverside Guardian Services, Inc., are:

 ~Clark County Public Guardian~

~Certified Professional Guardian~

~Case Management and Family Service Providers~

~Fiduciary Service Providers~

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